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CWEI - Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India
1204 Rohit House,
3 Tolstoy Marg ,
Connaught Place, New Delhi
Phone :  +91-11-23356030, +91-11-23355120,23356878
Mobile :  +91-9717962703, +91-9868101896
Telefax :  +91-11-23356030
  Conducted market research & demand potential
  Successfully established marketing linkages for women entrepreneurs – crucial input for their sustenance

Rural Marketing
  Launched “SHASHWAT” – a brand name for rural, cottage and SSI products
  Shashwat – rural wing of cwei was launched to enhance productivity, better quality & reduce drudgery of rural women with a cluster approach
  Launched “Shashwat Swa-Rojgar Jagrukta Abhiyan” – a mass campaign on EDP in India and to ground sustainable micro enterprises
  Introduced consortia approach for marketing with cluster development
Innovative Marketing to meet the Challenges of Globalisation
  Adjust to new market environment
  Identify new opportunities
  Innovations in product design, packaging and strategies to minimize cost
Marketing Consortia approach – The SHASHWAT Module
  To facilitate export marketing
  Upgrading technology, improving production skills
  Developing sophisticated and innovative products
  Provides access to information on new products, prices and technologies
  Promotes linkages both national and international
  Organize Buyer-Seller Meet and trade shows at regional, national and international level on ongoing basis
  Market expansion – cwei is establishing North East SAARC Showroom
  Virtual networking – cwei is initiating a website and web portal exclusively for the North East, develop data bank, plan global forecast and organize virtual exhibition to promote products.
Cluster Development:
  Firms, which are established to do exactly the same things or produce the same products as is already being done by the existing firms in the cluster (leather shoes, knitwear)
  Firms, which are established, to work with the ‘parent’ firm either in a sub-contractual relationship or an outsourcing relationship (automobile units and components manufacturers)
  Firms, which are established to do complementary phases of the production process or to cover a complementary market niche (diesel engines, electronics)
Marketing in Internet Based e-commerce
  Business to Business
  Business to Consumer
  Business to Government
Internet/Virtual Marketing
The networking through the use of the Internet has made the alignment of buyers/sellers and producers/consumers across the globe a feasible proposition with unlimited potential.
  The knowledge economy facilitates SME to achieve:
  Expansion of marketing channels through the Internet
  Reduction in cost of sales
  Increased revenue
  Profitability improvement
  Planned global forecast

The launching of websites and portals facilitated through e-commerce provide a databank of enterprises – their products, services and technologies and help in matchmaking for joint ventures and collaboration.

Role of E-commerce
  Played a significant role in strengthening the networking of the South Asian Women Entrepreneurs Forum (SAWE), the international wing of cwei with focal points in 24 countries world over
  Helped to form an extensive network, most essential for marketing linkages, transfer of technology and dissemination of information
  Helped to build alliances with our counterparts overseas
  Enabled us to keep pace with rapid globalisation, thereby creating strong international cooperation among members and coordinators from the focal points of cwei world over
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