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CWEI - Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India
1204 Rohit House,
3 Tolstoy Marg ,
Connaught Place, New Delhi
Phone :  +91-11-23356030, +91-11-23355120,23356878
Mobile :  +91-9717962703, +91-9868101896
Telefax :  +91-11-23356030

About Us: -

Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India – was registered in 1996 as a civil society nonprofit organization in New Delhi with a mandate to work in the sub continent. CWEI is accredited to Govt. of India and is a Member of National Board, Ministry of MSME and is working closely with Ministry of Rural Development in the PPP mode to support BPL families in India. We are also the Knowledge Partner to the State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, working for the sustainable economic empowerment of women and their families through income generating activities and entrepreneurship development.

Cwei strongly claims to have achieved success in motivating women to opt for entrepreneurship as a challenging career – the only answer to unemployment. Outreach Entrepreneurship & Skill Development trainings (ESDP), financial inclusion and support services are being provided to set up micro enterprises amongst women minorities, SC and tribals in various states in the country.

Cwei launched SAWE with the help of UN Women in 1996, with the aim to reach every corner of the country, SAARC & Asia Pacific region & developing countries. We deliver technological know how, new design techniques, skill development and training by acting as a catalyst providing all escort services leading to higher productivity, competitive prices and monitoring stringent quality control.

MOHA, 4 Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhawan, Baba Kharag Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001, India the marketing center is an initiative to provide retail sales and showcase products for market linkages, product development and design, build alliances and network with other women entrepreneurs globally.

IWEM&C - International Women Entrepreneurs Meet & Conference the annual event of Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India was initiated in 1996 by UN Women in South Asia. It has been a successful Endeavour for over a decade and has partnered with our focal points in almost 42 countries around the globe within 14 years of our fruitful existence.

IWEM&C highlights issues pertaining to marketing, finance, training, product design and development and a host of other critical problems in order to bring the issues to the notice of policy makers, implementing agencies and women entrepreneurs themselves forming fruitful alliances and a chain of networks.

Cwei: As e-Governance

Representation in the various Govt. policy- makes bodies for promotion of export from India. Facilitates dissemination of timely information on policies and programs, implementation and monitoring govt. schemes and programs for sustainable growth of Enterprises.

Cwei: As e- Women

Today we are living in the age of Internet, which represent a significant amount of opportunities and frontiers in the field of commerce. A paradigm shift in the industry has created significant opportunities for significant shift in revenue, through the emergence of new market leaders.

Cwei helps in achieving E-commerce or Electronic Commerce by its global information transformation system and with its web portal. E-commerce refers to the trying and selling of products and services online. Cwei having the power of using digital information to understand the needs and preferences of consumers and partners, institutions, voluntary organization and self enterprises and to thereby customizes products and services to suit the requirement of the consumers through E-commerce buying and selling of products and services can be done quickly, through the internet.

Cwei: Mission Statement …….. !

To motivate the New Generation & Women to opt for Entrepreneurship as a challenging career - the only answer to unemployment.
Cwei: “Mantra” …….. !

Integrated Marketing linked with Product Development & Designing.

Cwei: As Nodal Agency

- A technical and professional organization
- Consists of NGOs, Self Help groups, Institutions & Entrepreneurs
- Also promotes Voluntarism & Social Entrepreneurship
Recognized as the NODAL AGENCY by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India to organize various Economic Activities in the country. Declared as Women Empowerment Year 2001.

Cwei Objectives:

• Acts as a spring board for Enterprise Development.
• Committed to work for the economic empowerment of women & their families, youth, artisans underprivileged,
tribal and backward sections of the society through income generating activities with an integrated approach.

• Acts as a catalyst to:
   - improve access to natural resources
   - provide technological support in product & design development with all escort services, such as packaging and
Quality control
   - link up with credit facilities
   - Ultimately explore Marketing linkages very crucial for sustainable development.

• Facilitates dissemination of information to the target groups thereby implementing and monitoring Govt.
Schemes and programs to raise their living standards.
• Representation in the policy making body in Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India.

   Main Areas of Expertise

Cwei has always been in the forefront to:

  • Carry forward the entrepreneurial movement committed for the total empowerment of women and first generation. Our experience and achievements in the field for over 12 years has proved that it is quite possible to develop self employment, income generation and sustainable economic ventures.
  • Take up integrated marketing linked with product development assisting women entrepreneurs in their quest for better marketing skills to compete at a global level.
  • Work with grass root, producer groups, and artisans, tribal & backward women engaged in cottage, tiny and small industries and to integrate them with the urban and educated entrepreneurs for forward and backward linkages.
  • Address access to opportunities for alternate and innovative methods of financing women enterprises

   Geographic Scope of Work

Cwei aims to reach every corner of the country.

Clusters targeted by Cwei:

  • Marginalized, displaced women and unemployed youth;
  • War widows & families of defense services;
  • Self Help Groups;
  • Artisans, Craftsperson, Weavers & Producer groups from all over India & developing world;
  • Victims of natural calamities in India;
  • Tribal Communities in the  North Eastern region of India;
  • Existing and Potential Women Entrepreneurs & Enterprises;
  • Schools, Colleges, ITIs, Vocational & Professional Institutes;
  • Developing countries in South Asia;
  • Post Conflict Countries like Afghanistan.

   SHASHWAT The Rural System of Cwei

Keeping in view the main concern of empowerment of rural, illiterate and under privileged women, “SHASHWAT” – the rural system of cwei was launched.

SHASHWAT provides common facilities and acts as an incubator in rural clusters. It has been established to make women self-reliant by educating them about the technologies, training them to access new opportunities, use better tools, thereby upgrading their skills for sustainable income generation in clusters.

The overall marketing support is provided by organizing sales promotion campaigns through exhibitions, fairs, rural bazaars, buyer seller meets and design shows within the country and overseas under a common brand name “SHASHWAT”.

SHASHWAT Swa-Rojgar Jagrukta Abhiyan – is a massive campaign launched by Cwei to mobilize self-help groups, rural and backward clusters for micro enterprise development on a sizeable scale in different states of the country introducing innovative technologies.

   SWEA Internation Wing Of Cwei

South Asian Women Entrepreneurs (SAWE) is valued with our focal points and members in SAARC & Asia Pacific region, Malaysia, Far East, Africa, Mauritius, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Republic of Belarus along with UK, Italy and Spain.

    Internation Women Enterpreneurs conference & Buyer Seller Meet

An annual event organized from 14th- 27th November with the focus to expand the network of SAWE - International wing of Cwei, also set up since 1996 for alliance and Networking. The event highlights critical issues pertaining to women entrepreneurship development and brings them to the notice of policy makers, implementing agencies and women entrepreneurs.

   Range of production by Members

  • Handicrafts: Leather products and accessories, jewellery both costume and semi precious, cane and bamboo furniture, wood carvings as well as carvings in stone, marble, granite, pottery, ceramics, terracotta, paper mache and eco-friendly products.
  • Textile both cotton and silk: made ups, carpet, floor coverings, durries, tailoring and dress designing.
  • Cottage industries: Candle making, agarbatti, honey making, soap and detergents, vermin-composting and waste management to develop hand made paper and paper products, jute products and creative innovations from the Banana fiber, making of disposable leaf dishes.
  • Roof tiles and mud blocks.
  • Food and Agro: Mushroom cultivation, food products (jam, jelly, pickle, murabbas), bakery (bread, biscuits, cake etc), dehydrated vegetables, papad and badi. Dairy products (paneer, flavoured milk, mishti-dahi, processed cheese, etc.).
  • Bio-technological Packages: Tissue culture raised elite plants of horticultural and floricultural importance, vermin culture technique for production of organic manure, bio-pesticide for disease control, sericulture, raising high value medicinal and aromatic plants for herbal medicine as well as aromatic oil, development and application of bio-fertilizer, diagnostic kits for early and correct detection of diseases.
  • Technology for the products: floor mopping emulsion, mosquito repellent agarbatti and dhup batti and mosquito repellent mats and nets.
  • Establishing nurseries and formulation of herbal medicines & cosmetics, training for midwifery, bio monitoring of water pollution and environment protection programs and livestock based activities.

The appropriate technologies have been adopted and acquired to make use of the natural resources available around the areas to develop the products that are environmentally safe, low cost, affordable and highly effective.

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